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Elon Nakamoto or Satoshi Musk?

The 1st bitcoin has been mined and created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, since that time we don’t know who is he. Sahil Gupta was the first one who theorized that Elon and Satoshi was the same, and he was right. But, I think he never really understood why. So let me explain you.

Elon is a genius who created many things at a young age. He started to make a lot of money, to understand the world better and to have a great vision about human civilisation. Also, Elon Musk is an atheist and guess what is his final goal?

To save the human race…

And this is why he created bitcoin.

By creating bitcoin, a crypto currency that anybody, any state, any company, any thing would control… except him. He knew this will help him to save the human race.

A bitcoin is mined using power generation and electricity. Then bitcoin is getting value thanks to fiat currency like USD or EUR, giving to bitcoin a higher value.

Elon created Tesla around the same time as he did for Bitcoin in 2009. Because this was part of his plan. Creating a startup company selling beautiful and electrical cars that people would love and invest in, in order to have more cash to create what he really want… SpaceX, a company which goal is to build starship to bring people to Mars. But why?

Have a look at how Tesla and Bitcoin raised together.. It’s astonishing. Today Bitcoin and Tesla are in the top10 of the highest capitalisation in the world. ( But guess what? Tesla is not making money selling cars… Tesla is a rich company thanks to revenue buying bitcoins and to its numbers of investors/gamblers injecting money for Musk’s dream… Save the humanity.

Musk is also the first well known CEO to help bitcoin goes up. He only started to do it recently because he didn’t want people to understand who he really is and what he wants to achieve.

But Elon’s role is just started, and he will control the world soon enough… When the marketcap of bitcoin will be the highest in the world, then he will take the full control of planet earth and will start to save humanity.

Imagine all of the fiat currencies are controlled by states and worldwide banks, while Bitcoin is controlled by Elon, with injected fiat currencies from millions of humans who are supporting bitcoin and Elon without even knowing it.

Elon dream is simple, he knows that the human race is about the die on earth, killing its eco system and bio diversity, killing each other humans due to religions or races issues. His idea is simple. He will choose some humans, the best, the most clever, the one with no disease, the one with no religion, the one who want to survive and he will send them to Mars and in order to create a new super human race that will be able to travel into space and to survive. Mars is just the first step.

Elon, I am with you.


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Remember, life is short, use it well