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The new explorers

I decided to start writing about my visions of the world and of what the future will be. English is not my first language so please excuse my errors.

In this text I will try to write about human exploration. Since the beginning of humanity, humans always tried to explore and conquer new territories. And this is how Homo Sapiens started to expand all around the globe during thousand of years. Exploration and conquers became bigger once humans started to be able to travel oceans using ships.

I am sure you have heard about Christophe Columbus, Marco…

The 1st bitcoin has been mined and created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, since that time we don’t know who is he. Sahil Gupta was the first one who theorized that Elon and Satoshi was the same, and he was right. But, I think he never really understood why. So let me explain you.

Elon is a genius who created many things at a young age. He started to make a lot of money, to understand the world better and to have a great vision about human civilisation. …


Remember, life is short, use it well

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